Megayacht Media is a boutique advertising agency for marine businesses and luxury brands. Creative muses Lisa Overing and Julianne Raines lead an award-winning creative team producing compelling communications and engaging advertising.




Print, Video, Photography, Digital, TV and Radio, Outdoor, Events, Social Media, Boat Show Promotion



Advertising, Conceptualization, Logos and Branding, Copywriting and Graphic Design, Photography



 Ads, Campaigns, Logos, Branding, Advertorials, Articles, Profiles, Brochures, Invitations, Annual Reports, Banners, Posters, Yacht Reviews, Social Media, Videos, TV, Radio, Websites, Books

Defining your brand's true essence.

Good branding starts with a great logo and a memorable tagline. Megayacht Media develops its own, unique vision for each client. Our logos are clean, simple, memorable, versatile and beautiful. It's really all about the font. With inspired slogans, taglines and memes as verbal logos, Megayacht Media's corporate identities are grounded in marketing strategy.


It's all about the bubbles!


Make some waves with custom invitations and mailers for events, parties, conferences, soirées and synchronized, underwater frolicking. Megayacht Media will theme your event and raise the roof on your party's fun factor.


Capturing your best side. 

Every great ad starts with an exceptional photo or what Megayacht Media calls the "money shot." With our unique perspective, every vessel becomes a vision. Ordinary dock line and container libraries are fine, nautical art. The best talent will be in the studio and on location to shoot your shipyard or vessel in the perfect light for an outstanding advertising campaign, book or custom, creative project distinguishing your brand in the markeplace. 


Unique, custom projects and marketing vehicles.

Megayacht Media provides creative execution for a full spectrum of communications projects, including corporate identity, flyers, brochures and banners to stand out on the dock. Our coffee table books, advertorials and annual reports are the highest aesthetic quality, exhibiting award-level conceptualization, copywriting, and design for the marine industry. Marine Marketers of America's conveyed an honorable mention in native advertising to Megayacht Media's advertorial for RMK Merrill-Stevens entitled Refit on the Miami River


Join the digital revolution.

Megayacht Media's custom HTML mailers are a staple promotional venue, generating trackable results with leads for follow-up. We deliver value, making your brand more visible simply from ingenuity, osmosis and organic growth. On average, our open rate well exceeds 20-percent open rate with a five-percent click rate. Emails to your target audience are a modern day newsletter in a digital format. Ours are laid out like a magazine cover with a visually stunning layout and headlines that grab the reader and scanner. Digital mailers are a cost-effective way to reach your target audience on a regular basis - and identify exactly who they are. That's direct marketing at its best.

Luscious film, videos and commercials make a lasting, positive impression. 

Megayacht Media's photo shoots and videos are thoughtfully planned and well-organized. Our productions exhibit high production values and creativity. Our editor artfully captures the day's best soundbites and images for a series of memorable moments. Megayacht Media works with the best videographers and photographers to produce award-winning TV commercials and videos. There are no scripts to memorize. Our interviews are akin to a conversation where the subject is at ease, demonstrating their most authentic, intersting side and helps subjects avoid the talking-head monologue syndrome. Sans a cameo, our staff interplay is cut in edit to keep a tight focus on the client and their company.  

Our running shots are exceptional. We go for the "money shot" or prefect photo or video. We will capture your ship, yacht or kayak in the most dynamic environment and inject energy into your company's image.

Below, please enjoy videos by Megayacht Media for RMK Merrill-Stevens on the iconic yard's expansion. Lisa Overing's exclusive interview with Rahmi M. Koc outlines the business rationale for his Refit on the Miami River with the largest shiplift on the east coast of Florida, south of Jacksonville. The second video captures memories from Megayacht Media's press conference reintroducing RMK Merrill-Stevens to the megayacht world at FLIBS 2017..

Contact Megayacht Media at or 504-579-2021 to execute your marketing plan with a custom video and fresh, creative communications solutions.  

Watch video!

Watch video!