The Pequod Whale Fin Chair in Teak

The Pequod Whale Tail Chair by American Yacht Artisans is handcrafted in luxurious teak. More than an eclectic home furnishing, this wooden whale tail chair reflects your values and sense of adventure. The whale, our planet’s largest and most intriguing mammal, is created by American Yacht Artisans with stylish woodworking, impeccable detail and quality craftsmanship. The Pequod Chair is an ideal accent for cozy spaces, a favorite desk or a classic wooden table. Handcrafted in solid teak or the wood of your choice, The Pequod Chair is 21" inches high, distinguished in a clear, high-gloss finish with custom designs. Your whale tail chair strong profile lines are contured for comfort, enhancing proper posture.

Tail DSC_2149 2.jpg